Wheelers Cup Champions


Michelle Kungl Drew Canada Jon Davis Josh Cueter
Natalie Lomske Kenny Haran Jason Drapinski Steve Dell
Ken Lloyd Kevin Konfara Mike Frank Rohit Kapur
Anthony Nowak Chris Lemieux Angel Irvin Ernie Richardson
Jamie Porter Alex Maes Anthony Nelson Sheryl Stumbaugh
Kevin Richter Colin Northrup Monica Chupko Erinne Williams
Matt Schwarck Nick Schrade Sarah Palk Marty Witberg
Mary Stack Zeljko Sreckovic Paul D'Angelo Rebecca Parten
Paul Yankle Derek Spry Frank Rogers Joey Zenicki
Olivia Werstein Dean Olivas Alec Raymond


​President's Trophy Playoff MVP

The Presidents Trophy is given to the Most Valuable Player throughout the Playoffs. A player can be awarded this honor due to offensive or defensive excellence, or excellence as a goaltender.

Anthony Nelson

​Scoring Titles

The WCHL Scoring Titles are awarded to the player who led the league goals scored and the player who recorded the most assists. The WCHL also honors the goalie with the lowest Goals Against Average during the Reguar Season.

Anthony Nelson
43 Goals

Jason Drapinski
25 Assists

Dean Olivas
2.07 GAA

Regular Season MVP

The MVP is the player who is deemed most valuable to their team throughout the regular season. Criteria for this award includes goal scoring, play-making, defense, leadership and/or goal-tending. Any player is eligible for this award.

Anthony Nelson

Best Offensive Player

The Best Offensive Player is the player who exhibited excellent offensive ability during the season. Criteria for this award is goal scoring, assisting others and being clutch in tight game situations.

Anthony Nelson

Dave Rosen Best Defensive Player

The Dave Rosen Best Defensive Player is the player who illustrates the most successful defensive play throughout the season. Players nominated for this award often stay under the radar during games until they are called upon to make a game saving stop or force a critical turn over.

Drew Canada

Jeff May Unsung Hero

The Jeff May Unsung Hero is the player who should be honored for their true impact on their team during the season. Every team has a certain player who plays to the best of their ability no matter what. Often overlooked or unsung by others, their teammates truly realise the impact they have on their team, the league and fellow players.

Paul D'Angelo

Most Dynamic Duo

The Most Dynamic Duo are the two players who displayed the strongest teamwork during the season. These two players performed some of the greatest efforts when paired together during a game.

Anthony Nelson & Jason Drapinski

Best All-Around Player

The Best All-Around Player of the Year is the player who displayed equal dominance on both the offensive and defensive ends of the floor during the season. The best all around player is the total package when it comes to playing hockey and can be relied on to score a game winning goal or make a game saving play.

Kevin Konfara

Goalie of the Year

The Goalie of the Year is the player who had the strongest performance as the goaltender during the season. The goaltender is the last line of defense for any team. The goalie is a position under much scrutiny with little room for errors; otherwise, it could mean a defeat.

Dean Olivas

Tom Martin Sportsmanship

The Tom Martin Sportsmanship Award goes to the player who displayed the greatest sportsmanship throughout the season. Good sportsmanship is being respectful of their teammates, opponents and referees in all situations.

Derek Spry

Jay May Gamesmanship

The Jay May Gamesmanship Award is an award given to a player who should be distinguished for their “gamesmanship” during the season.Gamesmanship is defined as outstanding leadership and a competitive nature tempered by sportsmanlike conduct and a will to put one’s team ahead of personal accomplishments.

Ernie Richardson
Wolf Pack

Most Improved Player

The Most Improved Player looks at how much a player has improved from the previous year to the current season. Players can improve in various ways be it defensive, offensive, leadership or goaltending.

Colin Northrup

Rookie of the Year

The Rookie of the Year award is given to a player who excelled in their first year in the league. Whether it was by scoring goals, making defensive stops or playing between the pipes as a goalie, all eligible players made a positive contribution to their teams during the season. Only players playing in their first full season are eligible for this award.

Josh Cueter
Wolf Pack

Andy Siwarski Leadership Award

The Andy Siwarski Leadership Award is a special player award dedicated to Andy Siwarski, former WCHL President. Andy Siwarski was a great leader on and off the court so we dedicate the special leadership award in his honor.

Players that receive this award have shown exceptional leadership qualities during the season.

With their contributions, they create a pleasant playing environment for all other players.

Dean Olivas

Coaches Choice Mustangs MVP

This award is given to the Most Valuable Player of the Michigan Mustangs when the team competes in national tournaments.

Anthony Nelson

Todd Pasant Inspirational Award

The Todd Pasant Inspirational Award is a special award dedicated to Todd Pasant the founder of the WCHL. This award goes to the volunteer or person who showed an intense dedication to our league.

The recipient also made the contribution of time and effort to better the league and help to guide it’s growth.

Anyone who wins this award is truly an inspiration to the WCHL.

Wendy & Brian Hill