by WCHL on January 24th, 2022

We're very excited to offer an amazing opportunity for new players! If you have ever been interested in trying hockey, but were hesitant, new players can now play up to two regular season games for FREE.

This trial period will give you the chance to see how fun hockey can be! There are only 6 weeks left to take advantage of this trial period this season! Those dates are January 29th, February 5th and 26th, March 12th and 26th, and April 9th. You will need to reserve a spot 24 hours before game, so you can be placed on a team. New players will get the chance to compete as if they were a fully registered player. Paperwork will be required prior to participation!

This is your chance, try out wheelchair hockey today and get hooked! If you decide to pursue this opportunity or want more details, please contact Dean Olivas at

by WCHL on December 31st, 2021



Trei Cools has been one of the better offensive players since joining the league. But some may forget that Cools has another trick in his pocket, versatility. With Dean Olivas, Jr having to miss a game, Cools was stuck to tend the net. Cools came up big for his team leading them to victory, shutting down the top offense in the game process.


The goal and point battle is going to be a close contest through the year. Coming into week 6 the top three players in the league (Anthony Theuer, Tristan Parent, and Kevin Konfara) were all tied in points. Now that each have played 4 games though, Konfara has shown why he is maybe the best of all time. Leading the league in goals, assists, and points, was there really any other choice?

by WCHL on December 22nd, 2021

The Hornets and Wolf Pack made sure to end 2021 with a bang! In an exciting tilt with back and forth action, the Hornets were able to pick up their first victory of the year.

The first and second periods saw the Hornets netting 7 goals and the Wolf Pack 6. The deadlock continued into the third with the Hornets putting up 4 and the Wolf Pack 3. Both superstar forwards Kevin Konfara (Hornets #45) and Tristan Parent (Wolf Pack #40) had huge point games, but it was the depth players that really provided huge support.

Just to name a few, the Hornets goalie Ezra Zabawa made big stops near the end of the game to keep the 3 goal spread in tact. The Hornets also got great defense from Anthony Nowak. Meanwhile, the Wolf Pack saw Ian Zurawski and Shayn Greer-Abbott step up on defense more than once, keeping their chances alive.

The Hornets ultimately came away with the victory, but this could have gone either way. You can check out the game here if you missed the action.

All teams will now take a nice long break as the action picks back up January 29th in 2022!

by WCHL on December 7th, 2021

Due to a scheduling conflict, next week's game has now been re-scheduled to the following week. The week 6 match up between the Hornets and Wolf Pack was originally scheduled to take place December 11th, but now will take place on December 18th. Please make sure all players and volunteers know.

by WCHL on December 6th, 2021

Week 5 took place earlier tonight with the undefeated Seals taking on the desperate to get a win Hornets. The Seals were without key players to their team. Captain/Goalie #42 Dean Olivia's and defensemen #5 Andrew Calvin were both absent. The Hornets were also without one of their star forwards #8 Clay Martin leaving the burden of getting the first win for their team on Captain #23 Katie Frayer and #45 Kevin Konfara.

With both teams missing key players it looked to be that a high scoring battle was going to take place and that is exactly what happened. The Seals came out fast scoring the first two goals and ending the 1st period 7 - 5. The 1st period was actually the Seals roughest period, although they seemed to settle down and maintained control of the game throughout the following two periods. #39 Anthony Theuer was sharp scoring 8 goals/1 assist. Fellow Seals teammates #28 Jordan Zmich scored 3 goals/1 assist and #69 Alex Ernsberger had another solid game for his team netting 2 goals. The Hornets had good plays as well with #45 Kevin Konfara having another amazing outing with 6 goals/3 assists and fellow forward #55 Jeff Fleshner had 3 goals/1 assist.

Despite some mistakes in the 1st period, it was the Seals high pace and solid teamwork that just seemed to give the Hornets a really difficult time in gaining any sustained momentum throughout the game. The final score was 14 - 9. The Seals end their four games undefeated with a comfortable 3-0-1 record having 7 points. The Hornets are still looking for their first win, sitting at 0-3-0.

Re-watch off the games action by clicking here.

The WCHL looks to close out the year on December 18th at 6:00 pm with Wolf Pack returning back to action against the Hornets!

by WCHL on November 29th, 2021



While he only played one game, Haran impressed with some timely blocking and his usual strong defense. Not only that, but the long time veteran netted an assist. Not known for his offense, the extra point was nice to see. Haran will look to continue the same rock steady defense the rest of the season. 


After a tough first game in October, Parent dominated the month of November. Parent was able to aid his team in earning first victory and a tie against the undefeated Seals. Now tied for the league lead in points, Parent will hope for a strong December to finish out the year.

by WCHL on November 21st, 2021

The Wolf Pack and the Seals faced each other for the 2nd time this season in what was a very different bout compared to the first time they met on the field. The Wolf Pack controlled much of the action throughout the beginning two periods, never allowing the Seals to control the pace and constantly peppering Seals goal tender Dean Olivas with an abundance of shots on net. Despite the heavy pressure and pace of the Wolf Pack, the Seals managed to keep fighting and never gave up. Every time it seemed the Wolf Pack would gain absolute control of the game, Anthony Theuer of the Seals kept his team within reach tying the game up several times with the final score being 7 - 7. 

Watch the recap here.

The aftermath of this game brings the Wolf Pack's record to 1-1-1 and the Seals record to 2-0-1

by WCHL on November 7th, 2021

The WCHL had it's 3rd game of the season take place last night between the Hornets and the Wolf Pack. It was a back and forth high scoring shoot out type of game with each team taking brief leads over the other. Despite the amazing effort from assistant captain Kevin Konfara who scored 12 goals, his team took two untimely penalties that the Wolf Pack took advantage of. Tristan Parent of the Wolf Pack scored the last and final goal taking the lead with less than one minute to go getting his team their first W of the season.

Catch the full game here.

The Wolf Pack look to avenge themselves against the Seals who are undefeated. The two teams face off once again in two weeks on November 20th!

by WCHL on October 30th, 2021



Substation stats do not count towards career stats, but Fleshner's first chance in net could not be ignored. Filling in for the Wolf Pack, Fleshner posted a great game in the return to this season. His performance was so strong that his true team, the Hornets, utilized him in their first game of the season too. Expected to be a forward, this new goaltender could be one to keep an eye on.


The Seals were the first team to get two games in this season and Theuer made sure it mattered. After a dominant game two performance, Theuer now has 10 goals and 2 assists on the season. This superstar could be poised for a massive breakout year.

by WCHL on October 29th, 2021

The WCHL had it's second game of the season take place welcoming back the Hornets for their first game taking on the Seals.

It was an intense physical game with the Seals controlling much of the action for the first two periods despite everything the Hornets were throwing at them. The tide began to shift in favor of the Hornets with assistant captain Kevin Konfara scoring 30 seconds into the 3rd period. The Hornets even took a brief 6-5 lead in the 3rd. However, the Seals remained calm and composed with forward Anthony Theuer firing back scoring three more goals with the final scoring being 8-7 making the Seals 2-0 to start the regular season.
Watch the replay of the game here.

The WCHL returns on November 6th with the Hornets facing off against the Wolf Pack. Both teams will be eager to earn their first win of the season in what will surely be a fantastic game.