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Elite wheelchair floor-hockey tournament to take place at the Compuware Arena July 16-18
(Plymouth, MI) The Wheelchair Hockey League (WCHL) and their travel team the Michigan Mustangs are proud to host the 2015 U.S. PowerHockey Championship this July 16-18, 2015 at the USA Hockey Arena in Plymouth, MI. This elite PowerHockey tournament will feature wheelchair floor hockey teams from around the states including the defending champions Philadelphia, Minnesota, Texas and Michigan.
The U.S. PowerHockey Championship is a bi-annual tournament that features and promotes the sport of adaptive power-wheelchair floor hockey aka PowerHockey.  This tournament will determine the 2015 United States PowerHockey Champions.  On alternating years to the U.S. PowerHockey Championship, teams from both the United States & Canada compete for the North American PowerHockey Cup. The host team Michigan Mustangs were the inaugural U.S. Champions in 2011 and are also two-time North American Silver Medalists.
PowerHockey is a competitive, fast-paced hockey game based on the use of an electric powered wheelchairs on a gymnasium floor. PowerHockey has modified ice hockey rules and enables physically disabled people that use an electric wheelchair to play hockey and to be active in a competitive team setting.
Players, both males & females range in age from 10 to 60+ and have a variety of physical disabilities that include Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Arthrogryposis & Osteogenesis Imperfecta (Brittle Bones).
The sport of PowerHockey has been around since the 1970’s. The Wheelchair Hockey League (WCHL) has been in Michigan since it’s inception in 1995 and the WCHL’s travel team, the Michigan Mustangs have been competing in tournaments since 2000.


​The WCHL is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization. All donations are tax-deductible.
We are looking for corporate sponsors & donations to help host this tournament.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please download our Sponsorship Package (PDF).

Individual donations can be made online at: or visit our website at for mail-in details
Be part of the crowd and donate to our CrowdRise campaign. If you can't donate, then please share!

Donations of $25 or more will get your name in the tournament program.

Donations of $100 or more will get a two sentence greeting (40 words max) of your choice in the tournament program.


Jason Drapinski


by WCHL on October 5th, 2014

The 2014-15 WCHL started off with a bang as the Hornets defeated the Seals 17-15 setting a new record for total goals scored in a game (post non-goalie era).  Hornets #45 Kevin Konfara led the way with 13 goals but Seals reigning Playoff MVP #28 Jordan Zmich was right behind him scoring a career-high 12 goals. Seals rookie #94 Trei Cools recorded 2 assists in his WCHL debut.

Game Two saw the rejuvenated Wolf Pack defeat the Cobras 7-3.  A year off of back surgery #71 Josh Cueter led the way for the Wolf Pack with 3 goals and 2 assists.  Cobras #1 Clay Martin scored 2 goals while #69 Alex Ernsberger scored one of his own.  Wolf Pack rookie #55 Jeff Fleshner scored 2 goals, 1 assist and 6 penalty minutes in his debut.

After Week One Seals #42 Dean Olivas leads the league with 5 assists & #66 Chris Lemieux leads the league with a 3.00 Goals Against Average.



by WCHL on September 20th, 2014

2013-14 Banquet Results

Award descriptions can be found on our awards page

Goals Title
#45 - Kevin Konfara - Hornets - (54 G)
#40 - Tristan Parent - Seals - (54 G)

Assists Title
#40 - Tristan Parent - Seals - (19 A)

Goals Against Average Title
#42 - Dean Olivas - Seals - (5.43 GAA)

Anthony Nelson MVP Award
#40 - Tristan Parent - Seals

Best Offensive Player
#40 - Tristan Parent - Seals

Dave Rosen Best Defensive Player
#2 - Katie Frayer - Wolf Pack

Jeff May Unsung Hero
#23 - Alex Maes - Seals

Most Improved Player
#28 - Jordan Zmich - Seals

Best Duo
#28 - Jordan Zmich & #40 - Tristan Parent - Seals

Best All-Around Player
#40 - Tristan Parent - Seals

Jay May Gamesmanship
#20 - Zeljko Sreckovic - Cobras

Rookie of the Year
#5 - Andrew Calvin - Seals
#7 - Ian Zurawski - Wolf Pack

Tom Martin Sportsmanship
#30 - Anthony Nowak - Wolf Pack

Presidents Trophy Playoff MVP
#28 - Jordan Zmich - Seals

Goalie of the Year
#42 - Dean Olivas - Seals

Steve Nelson Michigan Mustangs Coaches MVP
#89 - Dean Olivas

2012-13 Career Milestones

500 CAREER POINTS - Kevin Konfara *
450 CAREER POINTS - Marty Witberg
200 CAREER POINTS - Tristan Parent
120 CAREER POINTS - Frank Rogers
100 CAREER POINTS - Clay Martin
50 CAREER POINTS - Alex Maes & Jordan Zmich
400 CAREER GOALS - Kevin Konfara *
150 CAREER GOALS - Tristan Parent
130 CAREER GOALS - Zeljko Sreckovic
75 CAREER GOALS - Clay Martin
30 CAREER GOALS - Anthony Theuer (31), Alex Maes (32), Jordan Zmich (38)
200 CAREER ASSISTS - Jason Drapinski *
130 CAREER ASSISTS - Marty Witberg
125 CAREER ASSISTS - Zeljko Sreckovic
2000 CAREER SAVES - Brian Ulewicz
1000 CAREER SAVES - Jamie Porter
1st GOAL - Ian Zurawski
1st GOAL - Andrew Calvin

* 1st player in history

2014-15 WCHL Rosters

#20 - Zeljko Sreckovic
#69 - Alex Ernsberger
#43 - Drew Canada
#  1 - Clay Martin
#15 - Kenneth Lloyd
#44 - Steve Dell
#72 - Tyler French
#23 - Alex Maes
#31 - Jonathan Bowie (ROOKIE)
#99 - Jamie Porter (G)

#45 - Kevin Konfara
#39 - Anthony Theuer
#98 - Brendan Nienhaus
#18 - Zach Sheehan
#26 - Ezra Zabawa
#  3 - Aaron Shepard
#00 - Tim Delore
#86 - Joe Mundt
#13 - Erinne Williams
#21 - Brian Reabe (ROOKIE)

#88 - Jason Drapinski
#42 - Dean Olivas
#40 - Tristan Parent
#28 - Jordan Zmich
#  5 - Andrew Calvin
#76 - Kevin Richter
#90 - Kenny Haran
#94 - Trei Cools (ROOKIE)
#19 - Brian Ulewicz (G)

#25 - Marty Witberg
#71 - Josh Cueter
#34 - Frank Rogers
#92 - James Wayland
#30 - Anthony Nowak
#  2 - Katie Frayer
#  7 - Ian Zurawski
#55 - Jeff Fleshner (ROOKIE)
#64 - Erick Knick (ROOKIE)
#66 - Chris Lemieux (G)

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2014 Michigan Mustangs
The Michigan Mustangs are home from the 2014 PowerHockey Cup after finishing with a 2-4 record we finished 5th overall, winning our final two games.


Philadelphia PowerPlay 4 - Michigan Mustangs 0

Ottawa Capitals 6 - Michigan Mustangs 4

Minnesota Selects 6 - Michigan Mustangs 4


Michigan Mustangs 4 - Toronto Lake Raiders 2

Michigan Mustangs 6 - Minnesota Selects 0

Full Recaps

For full tournament recaps, stats & video visit

Best Newcomer

Tristan Parent
First time Mustang #40 Tristan Parent finished the tournament with 1 Goal & 4 Assists and was named the Best Newcomer to the PowerHockey Cup. 

For full team stats click here.


For more Mustang photos "Like" Us on Facebook at

by WCHL on July 16th, 2014

2014 PowerHockey Cup
The Michigan Mustangs will represent the WCHL and the state of Michigan at the 2014 PowerHockey Cup in St. Paul, Minnesota this upcoming Mon.  July 21st through Thurs.  July 24th, 2014. The Mustangs enter the tournament as back-to-back silver medalists (2010 & 2012). 

The bi-annual tournament organized by the North American PowerHockey Association (NAPHA) will feature the Calgary Selects (CPHL), Carolina Fury (NCEWHA), Michigan Mustangs (WCHL), Minnesota Saints (MPHL), Minnesota Selects (MPHL), Ottawa Capitals (OPWHL), Philadelphia PowerPlay and Toronto Lake Raiders (TPWHL).

Keep up to date with all the tournament news, scores and highlights at:




** All times are CENTRAL TIME ZONE
  • 1PM: Opening Ceremonies
  • 6:30PM (7:30PM EST): Michigan vs. PHILADELPHIA POWERPLAY
  • 11:30AM (12:30PM EST) - Michigan vs. OTTAWA CAPITALS
  • 5:30PM (6:30PM EST) - Michigan vs. MINNESOTA SELECTS


Webcasting of this great event live starting at 12PM Central Time Monday July 21st and all through the 24th.

You can Watch it LIVE at

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2014 Wheelers Cup Champion Seals
Congratulations to the Seals who defeated the Hornets 9-3 in game two of the finals to clinch the series 2-0 and win the 2014 Wheelers Cup.

Seals #28 Jordan Zmich won the President's Trophy for Playoff Finals MVP with 7 Goals in 2 games becoming the first female MVP (Regular Season or Finals) in WCHL History.  Zmich also becomes the youngest MVP, winning 19 days before her 13th birthday.

Seals forward #23 Alex Maes won his third consecutive Wheelers Cup (had previously won two with the Hornets). 

#40 Tristan Parent led all players with 23 Goals  & 7 Assists for 30 Points during the 2014 Playoffs while goalie #42 Dean Olivas led the playoffs with an 85% save percentage.

This was the first Wheelers Cup Championship for Zmich,  #00 Tim Delore & #5 Andrew Calvin while it was the second cup for both long-time veterans #90 Kenny Haran & #76 Kevin Richter.

Seals captain #88 Jason Drapinski claimed his fourth Wheelers Cup, his third with the Seals.


★ - #28 Jordan Zmich (SEA)
★★ - #45 Kevin Konfara (HOR)
★★★ - #40 Tristan Parent (SEA)

2014 Wheelers Cup Champions - SEALS

2014 Playoff Stats

Photo Gallery

2014 Playoff MVP - #28 Jordan Zmich

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2013 Michigan Mustangs
The Wheelchair Hockey League (WCHL) will send the Michigan Mustangs to represent the league and the state at the 2014 North American PowerHockey Cup in Saint Paul, Minnesota this July 21-24, 2014.

The Michigan Mustangs will compete in this four-day tournament against teams from Minnesota, Philadelphia, North Carolina, Toronto, Ottawa & Calgary in the sport of wheelchair PowerHockey.

PowerHockey is the sport of floor hockey in which the athletes compete in electric power wheelchairs and have a wide range of disabilities including Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Arthrogryposis & Osteogenesis Imperfecta (Brittle Bones). Originally started in Canada in the early 1980's PowerHockey has been in Michigan since 1995.

The Mustangs are a team of All-Stars from the WCHL. The WCHL was established in 1995 and is a four team, 40 player league of males and females ranging in age from 10 - 60+.  It is a non-profit organization that offers a competitive hockey league for people with physical disabilities who couldn't normally play the sport of hockey.
#1 - Clay Martin - Canton, MI
#3 - Frank Rogers - Detroit, MI
#7 - Jason Drapinski - Pinckney, MI
#20 - Zeljko Sreckovic - Emmet, MI
#23 - Kevin Konfara - Dearborn, MI
#25 - Marty Witberg - Sterling Heights, MI
#29 - Chris Lemieux - Windsor, ONT
#40 - Tristan Parent - Lapeer, MI
#43 - Drew Canada - Clarkston, MI
#77 - Josh Cueter - Troy, MI
#89 - Dean Olivas - Livonia, MI

#5 - Steve Nelson - Westland, MI
#81 - Rich Drapinski - Pinckney, MI
#87 - Matt Winowski - Shelby Township, MI

2009 North Carolina PowerHockey Invitational - GOLD
2010 North American PowerHockey Cup - SILVER
2011 United States PowerHockey Championship - GOLD
2012 North American PowerHockey Cup - SILVER
2013 United States PowerHockey Cup - SILVER
We are selling these shirts to help raise funds for our trip and tournament entry fees.  They are $25 each.  For more information on how to order, click here.
Buy your own Michigan Mustangs T-Shirt
We are also accepting direct donations on our Go Fund Me account we have set up.

If you'd like to make a direct donation, pleave visit our Go Fund Me page.

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Allen Elementary School in Ann Arbor with members of the WCHL
This past Wednesday, May 21, members of the Wheelchair Hockey League (WCHL) spent an afternoon at Allen Elementary School in Ann Arbor with over 80 students from Grades 2 & 3.

WCHL players #2 Katie Frayer, #28 Jordan Zmich, #43 Drew Canada, #45 Kevin Konfara joined Deputy Commissioners #88 Jason Drapinski and #42 Dean Olivas along with Commissioner #66 Chris Lemieux for the afternoon, teaching the students about persons with disabilities.

The kids learned about our various wheelchairs, how we play hockey, our players, their lives, interests & ambitions and how everyone on earth is the same on the inside regardless of looks, skin-tone or differences.

Students were engaged asking questions and they were also treated to a mini hockey demo as well as a wheelchair race between Konfara & Drapinski. One lucky student was then chosen to participate & try out Konfara's wheelchair to try race Drapinski.

The afternoon was a huge success as the students who had been learning about people with disabilities in their curriculum got a first hand experience to ask questions and interact with our players.

The WCHL would like to thank Beth Lebowsky for setting up the afternoon, all the players who took part as well as the staff and wonderful students at Allen Elementary.
Students at Allen Elementary School in Ann Arbor, MI sit down to listen to members of the WCHL

by WCHL on May 19th, 2014

Maes leads the Seals to victory over his former team

#23 - Alex Maes
Game One of the WCHL's 2014 Wheelers Cup Final took place this past Saturday, May 17th.

The best-of-three series started off with an opening game that many are describing as one of the most intense playoff games in league history.

Both teams came out with defense on their minds, as the first period ended with the Seals leading 1-0 with #40 Tristan Parent scoring the lone goal.

The second period was a different story with a total of ten goals being scored. Hornets' captain #45 Kevin Konfara and Seals' sophomore sensation #28 Jordan Zmich both recorded hat-tricks in the second frame as it ended 7-4 in the favor of the Seals.

While Konfara and the Hornets aim to win their third consecutive cup, so does #23 Alex Maes of the Seals. Maes (pictured left), who played five seasons with the Hornets, has won cups with them the previous two seasons and is in a unique situation as he aims to claim his own three-peat while ending his former team's dynasty.  Maes scored two goals in the second period and finished off his hat-trick in the thrid, earning him first-star of the game.

Hornets' sophomore #39 Anthony Theuer, who Maes was essentially traded for, ended the game with 4 goals as he tried to rally his team in the thrid period but they fell just short in game one, losing to the Seals 9-8.


Game Two takes place on Saturday, June 7th at 1pm at the Salvation Army of Warren.



★ - #23 Alex Maes (SEA)
★★ - #39 Anthony Theuer (HOR)
★★★ - #28 Jordan Zmich (SEA)

2014 Playoff Stats

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Posted on May 13th, 2014

WCHL 2014 Wheelers Cup Final | Game One Preview
Game One of the 2014 WCHL Wheelers Cup Finals will take place on Saturday, May 17 at 1pm at the Savlation Army of Warren.

The season all comes down to a best-of-three series to determine who takes home the cup, and it might just take all three games to decide a winner.  The Seals and the Hornets tied for 1st place during the regular season with 16 points and a record of 8-4-0.  The two teams split the four-game season series 2-2 with a head-to-head score of 37-29 for the Seals.

#45 Kevin Konfara of the Hornets and #40 Tristan Parent of the Seals are both tied with 16 goals a piece and goalies #42 Dean Olivas of the Seals and reigning Hornets Playoff MVP #99 Jamie Porter, have 4.00 and 4.50 Goals Against Averages respectively, during the 2014 WCHL Playoffs.  

With Konfara and Parent possibly cancelling each other out, this series very well may come down to each team's supporting cast.  Sophomore's #28 Jordan Zmich of the Seals and #39 Anthony Theuer of the Hornets both had impressive second seasons with Zmich netting 35 Goals and 12 Assists during the regular season and Theuer finishing with 23 Goals and 8 Assists.

The Seals have the slight advantage on offensive depth with #88 Jason Drapinski and #23 Alex Maes supporting Parent & Zmich but with the Hornets defensive trio of #13 Erinne Williams, #26 Ezra Zabawa and #3 Aaron Shepard defending Porter in net, it will be a tough series to decide. 

The Hornets are aiming to become ony the second team since the Outlaws (2001-02 to 2003-04) to win three-straight WCHL championships. The Hornets will be aiming to win the franchise's sixth title in 16 seasons and the Seals aim for their fifth.

For the full series schedule click here.

2014 Playoff Stats

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Posted on May 12th, 2014

On May 10th at 8 years, 5 months and 23 Days old, Wolf Pack rookie #7 Ian Zurawski became the youngest player in WCHL History to score a goal as he netted a nice one-timer on a beautiful pass from the 35 year old, 16 year WCHL veteran #25 Marty Witberg.
#7 ian Zurawski holds the ball he scored his first career goal with.

Posted on May 6th, 2014

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#20 Zeljko Sreckovic
The WCHL was recently featured in The Oakland Press Detroit Piston's beat writer Dave Pemberton.  Dave is a friend of Zeljko Sreckovic and took an interest in our league and wrote a great article about our league...

View Full Article

View Photo Gallery

About the Author

Dave Pemberton has covered the Detroit Pistons for The Oakland Press since 2008.

Prior to that he covered the Oakland University basketball team.

Reach the author at
or follow Dave on Twitter: @drpemberton

Posted on February 1st, 2014

We have set up a new WCHL Text Notification System.  

We ask that ALL PLAYERS & PARENTS subscribe. This will be used for emergencies or situations where we need to contact you all immediately.

How to sign up for WCHL text messages:

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It is very important that everyone subscribes to this list.

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Player's Choice Awards

Best Offensive Player
The Best Offensive Player is the player who exhibited excellent offensive ability during the season and playoffs. Criteria for this award is goal scoring, assisting others and being clutch in tight game situations.

WINNER: #40 - Tristan Parent - COBRAS

Dave Rosen Best Defensive Player
The Dave Rosen Best Defensive Player is the player who illustrates the most successful defensive play throughout the season and playoffs. Players nominated for this award often stay under the radar during games until they are called upon to make a game saving stop or force a critical turn over.

WINNER:  #2 - Katie Frayer - SEALS

Jeff May Unsung Hero
The Jeff May Unsung Hero is the player who should be honored for their true impact on their team during the season and playoffs. Every team has a certain player who plays to the best of their ability no matter what. Often overlooked or unsung by others, their teammates truly realise the impact they have on their team, the league and fellow players.

WINNER(S): #69 - Alex Ernsberger - COBRAS & #34 Frank Rogers - WOLF PACK

Most Dynamic Duo
The Most Dynamic Duo is the two players who displayed the strongest teamwork during the season and playoffs. These two players performed some of the greatest efforts when paired together during a game.

WINNERS: #24 - Anthony Nelson & #1 - Clay Martin - SEALS

Best All-Around Player
The Best All-Around Player of the Year is the player who displayed equal dominance on both the offensive and defensive ends of the floor during the season and playoffs.
The best all around player is the total package when it comes to playing hockey and can be relied on to score a game winning goal or make a game saving play.

WINNER: #45 - Kevin Konfara - HORNETS

Goalie of the Year
The Goalie of the Year is the player who had the strongest performance as the goaltender during the season and playoffs. The goaltender is the last line of defense for any team. The goalie is a position under much scrutiny with little room for errors; otherwise, it could mean a defeat.

WINNER: #11 - Ernie Richardson - COBRAS

Regular Season MVP
The MVP is the player who is deemed most valuable to their team throughout the regular season. Criteria for this award includes goal scoring, play-making, defense, leadership and/or goal-tending. Any player is eligible for this award. 

In the 15 year history of this league there has been no other player that was more valuable to their team than Anthony Nelson. 
In 89 regular season games he scored 337 Goals, 119 Assists for 456 PTS (5.12 points per game). 

He also holds the WCHL Single-Season Record for Goals (78) & Points (92) in a season (12 Games).

Anthony won a record 5 Wheelers Cups (4 straight from 2005-06 to 2008-09).  In 29 Playoff games, Anthony scored 110 Goals & 38 Assists for 148 Points (5.10 points per game).

Anthony was a 3-time MVP, 3-time Offensive Player of the Year and led the Michigan Mustangs to 2 Championships and 2 Silver Medals in National tournaments.
That is why the WCHL’s Most Valuable Player Award will now be recognized as the Anthony Nelson Most Valuable Player Award.  

In addition Anthony’s #24 will be retired as well as his Michigan Mustangs #19.
The WCHL players and fans have selected the 2012-13 Anthony Nelson Most Valuable Player and the winner is:

WINNER: #24 - Anthony Nelson - SEALS

Referee's Choice Awards

Playoff MVP
During the 2012-13 Playoffs, Jamie Porter recorded 4 wins in 4 games and posted a 4.25 Goals Against Average in finals helping his team, the Hornets to win the Wheelers Cup Championship.
After the series, the referees awarded #99 Jamie Porter the President’s Trophy Playoff MVP
Tom Martin Sportsmanship Award
The Tom Martin Sportsmanship Award goes to the player who displayed the greatest sportsmanship throughout the Season and Playoffs.  
Sportsmanship is defined as being respectful, fair & courteous towards all teammates, opponents and referees in all situations. This award is named in honor of Tom Martin, former WCHL Commissioner.
WINNER: #39 - Anthony Theuer - SEALS

Jay May Gamesmanship Award
The Jay May Gamesmanship Award is an award given to a player who should be distinguished for their “gamesmanship” during the 2012-13 Season and Playoffs.
Gamesmanship is defined as a competitive nature tempered by sportsmanlike conduct and a will to put one’s team ahead of personal accomplishments.  We dedicate this gamesmanship award to Jay May who defined gamesmanship during his career.

WINNER: #40 - Tristan Parent - COBRAS

Most Improved Player
The Most Improved Player Award is a reflections on how much a player has improved from the previous years to the current 2012-13 Season and Playoffs.  Players can improve in various ways, be it defensively, offensively, leadership wise or goaltending.
WINNER:  #72 - Tyler French – COBRAS

Rookie of the Year
The Rookie of the Year award is given to the player who excelled in their first full season in the league.  Whether it was by scoring goals, making defensive stops or playing as a goalie, all eligible players made a positive contribution to their teams during their freshman season.
#28 - Jordan Zmich - SEALS

Specialty Awards

Paul Yankle Scholarship
The Paul Yankle Scholarship was founded in 2010 to honor the memory of WCHL Alumni, #6 Paul Yankle.
Paul took pride in his education, good sportsmanship and ability to encourage others to be their best, always with a positive attitude. Paul always tried to lead by example in everything he did and he was an inspiration to his former classmates and teammates.
This scholarship, worth $150, will be awarded to one WCHL player currently enrolled in post-secondary education.
This years winner will be entering his 8th WCHL season, he is a two time Defensive Player of the Year and a freshman at the University of Michigan.  This year’s Paul Yankle Scholarship goes to...
WINNER: #43 - Drew Canada - WOLF PACK

Todd Pasant Inspirational Award
The Todd Pasant Inspirational Award is a special award dedicated to Todd Pasant the founder of the WCHL.  This award goes to the person who showed an intense dedication to our league.  The recipient also made the contribution of time and effort to better the league and help to guide it’s growth.  Anyone who wins this award is truly an inspiration to the WCHL. 
The players and fans have selected the recipient of the 2012-13 Todd Pasant Inspirational Award.

WINNER: Steve Nelson

Michigan Mustangs Steve Nelson Coaches Choice MVP

"It is my pleasure to announce this year’s choice for Mustang tournament MVP; Clay Martin. Clay just seemed to have an effect on the games when he got it. He provided a lift when we need it, executed the game plan as we had practiced & made big plays when needed.  Clay has been a great addition to the Mustangs & I look forward to coaching him & the rest of the Mustangs going forward." - Steve Nelson

WINNER: #1 Clay Martin - Michigan Mustangs

Posted on August 9th, 2013

2013 Michigan Mustangs
Congratulations to the WCHL's travel team, Michigan Mustangs who won Silver this past week in Philadelphia, PA at the 2013 U.S. Championships hosted by the Philadelphia PowerPlay.

This three-day tournament included teams from North Carolina, Philadelphia (2) and Michigan.

The reigning U.S. Champions, the Mustangs looked to repeat as champs and win it for teammate Anthony Nelson but ran into a young and improved Philadelphia Red team and ultimately lost 9-4 in the finals. 

The Mustangs went 3-2 during the tournament and improved their team record to 25-5-0 at PowerHockey tournaments since 2009.

For more photos from the tournament you can "Like" the Mustangs on Facebook

2013 U.S. PowerHockey Silver Medalists
#29 - Chris Lemieux - C
#25 - Marty Witberg - A
#7 - Jason Drapinski - A
#23 - Kevin Konfara
#77 - Josh Cueter
#20 - Zeljko Srekovic
#89 - Dean Olivas
#1 - Clay Martin
#43 - Drew Canada
#19 - Anthony Nelson

#5 - Steve Nelson - Head Coach
#81 - Rich Drapinski
#87 - Matt Winowski

John Hepper

Posted on December 12th, 2012

Created by the WCHL's own Dean Olivas

Posted on December 13th, 2011

By: Meaghan Kangas

A cold and rainy Saturday in November pushes people through the pair of double doors that lead into Warren’s Salvation Army’s corridor. Bulletin boards and pictures of recent charity events line the wide corridor walls. Coats and hockey equipment occupy a stretch of alcoves, while multipurpose classrooms checker the hallway. Positioned at the very end of the hall is an inviting cafeteria. Adjacent to the cafeteria, a pair of large open doors usher guests into the gym. As noon approaches, parents and children of all ages arrive and start settling themselves on the gym bleachers.

The few who volunteer get the supplies out of the utility closet and start to set up boundaries with large padded blocks. The two hockey nets are brought out of the closet, and the referee, who looks no older than 10, tapes the floor to indicate the goal crease. The teams have 10 minutes before the game starts and use the time to practice.

A table with merchandise and a file box with the teams’ mail fills a portion of the entrance space. A neatly bearded man wearing a baseball cap talks to some parents about upcoming games. He is in a wheelchair and appears to be the authoritative figure of the congregation.

Thirty-year-old Chris Lemieux has been playing Wheelchair Hockey for the past 14 years. A graduate of St. Clair College of Windsor, Lemieux is the chairman and coordinator of the league today.

The sport, although it embraces the rules and conduct of hockey, is played by people who are physically disabled and require the use of a wheelchair.

The group, although brought together by a common affection, consists of varying physical and social characteristics. The players‘ ages range from as young as 12 to as old as 30. Some players have full mobility of their upper torsos and arms, while most are confined by the walls of their chairs. Lemieux, who is affected by Spinal Muscular Atrophy, generally plays defense or left wing.

“As I have gotten older, my body has gotten weaker, but my mind has gotten stronger so I have had to adapt my playing style. I no longer am the player who scores goals, but I have become more of a leader and a coach and now can make an impact on the game without scoring goals”, said Lemieux.

The Wheelchair Hockey League not only provides the community with a fresh perspective on sports, but allows participants new perspective on life. According to the Council for Disability Awareness, more than 35 million Americans are identified as being disabled; which accounts for about 12 percent of the total population. More than 50% of those disabled Americans are between the ages of 18 and 64 and will sacrifice their working years. The CDA’s 2011 Long Term Disability Claims Review states that over 25percent of disability claims in 2010 were due to Musculoskeletal/connective tissue disorders. Nevertheless the group of colorful athletes maintain a positive attitude towards their conditions.

According to the CDA, sports can be an effective way to enhance favorable health, well-being, social inclusion and community building for people with a physical disability.

“My disability has definitely given me a drive to prove that people with disabilities can be athletes, too”, said Kevin Konfara, a 19-year-old Larsinsyndrome patient who is attending his sophomore year at Madonna University. It is evident that for everyone involved, hockey has provided a world of positive change and acceptance that those who play, don’t always witness.
“Hockey has allowed me to become, both a better speaker and leader, on and off the court,” says 20-year-old Dean Olivas.

Both Olivas and Konfara have been playing in the league for the past 10 years and are in the prime of their athletic career. Aside from the basic WCHL season, Lemieux, Olivas and Konfara, along with a number of other players from the league have travelled throughout North America with the Michigan Mustangs hockey team to compete. The Mustangs have won the Power Hockey Championships and brought home the gold in 2009 and 2011 and silver in 2010.

“Without hockey, my life would be drastically different,” said Lemieux. “I would not have an outlet for physical activity during the winter. I would not have as many friends as I do, and I would not be driven to be better or do good for others. Hockey has allowed me to make a difference in other peoples’ lives, and I believe that is the greatest gift anyone can give”.

For more information about the Wheelchair Hockey League feel free to visit their web-site at:

Posted on August 19th, 2011

The Wheelchair Hockey League (WCHL) is looking for able-bodied individuals (male or female) who would be interested inbecoming a REFEREE.

The WCHL is a competitive floor-hockey league for people in power and manual wheelchairs.

Our league includes 12 regular season games along with two rounds of playoffs as well as an All-Star Game.

Our season & playoffs run from October - May.


* Hockey Knowledge: The WCHL is played very similar to regular ice-hockey rules. Basic hockey knowledge is a requirement. Applicants will also be required to read our 13 Page Rule Book -

* Fitness & Agility: Referees will be required to keep up with game action up-and-down the gym court for up to 3 hours. Referees will also have to be quick on their feet and have the agility to move out the way of oncoming wheelchairs (some chairs go 10mph+).

* Unbiased & Fair: Referees must have the ability to be fair, unbiased and have the ability to call the game by the rules regardless of personal relationships or prior opinions.


Our games are played on Saturday's from 1-4pm (two games each week)

Our season & playoffs run from October - May

Referees will be required to commit to a minimum of 50% of the games. (12 Season, 4-6 Playoffs)

Dean Olivas -

Posted on August 17th, 2011

Michigan Mustangs Header
The Wheelchair Hockey League (WCHL) recently sent their travel team, the Michigan Mustangs to the 2011 U.S. PowerHockey Championships. The tournament took place August 5-7 at Neumann University in Aston, Pennsylvania.

PowerHockey is the sport of floor hockey, in which the athletes compete in electric powered wheelchairs and have a wide range of disabilities. Michigan has had a travel PowerHockey team since 2000 and the Mustangs have competed in six previous tournaments; Toronto (2), North Carolina, Minnesota (2) and Calgary. In 2009 the Mustangs won Gold at the North Carolina Invitational, the following year in Toronto, the Mustangs won Silver at the 2010 North American PowerHockey Cup.

Led by Head Coach Steve Nelson, the Mustangs competed in this three day tournament against PowerHockey teams from Minnesota, North Carolina and Philadelphia.

The Mustangs' tournament began with a 9-5 win over the rival Minnesota Selects. The Round-Robin finished with the Mustangs defeating the Philadelphia Powerplay 8-4 (Kevin Konfara scoring 5-seconds into the 1st period) and the Carolina Fury 5-1. In the final day of the tournament the Mustangs defeated the Carolina Fury 5-0 with Frank Rogers getting the shutout and Zeljko Sreckovic scoring a hat-trick to put the Mustangs into the finals versus the Minnesota Selects.

For the third straight year Michigan met Minnesota in the finals of a PowerHockey Cup. Trailing in the game late into the 2nd period, the trio of Kevin Konfara, Anthony Nelson & Marty Witberg all tallied multiple goals and had a dominant 3rd period to lead the Mustangs to an 8-4 victory to become the first Official United States PowerHockey Champions.

Since 2009, the Michigan Mustangs have a record of 17-2-0

The Mustangs are a team of All-Stars from the WCHL. The WCHL was established in 1996 and is a four team, 40 player league of males and females ranging in age from 10 – 60+. It is a non-profit organization that offers a competitive league for people with various disabilities, who couldn’t normally play the sport of hockey.

To see all our tournament pictures "Like" us on Facebook @

2011 Michigan Mustangs - U.S. PowerHockey Champions
29 - Chris Lemieux (C) - Windsor, ON
25 - Marty Witberg (A) - Sterling Heights, MI
7 - Jason Drapinski (A) - Pinckney, MI
3 - Frank Rogers - Detroit, MI
19 - Anthony Nelson - Westland, MI
20 - Zeljko Sreckovic - Emmett, MI
23 - Kevin Konfara - Dearborn Heights, MI
43 - Drew Canada - Clarkston, MI
77 - Josh Cueter - Troy, MI
89 - Dean Olivas - Livonia, MI

5 - Steve Nelson - Westland, MI
81 - Rich Drapinski - Pinckney, MI
87 - Matt Winowski - DeWitt, MI
Michigan Mustangs 2011 U.S. PowerHockey Cup Championship Trophy
2011 Michigan Mustangs

Posted on May 9th, 2011

After starting the regular season 0-3 and finishing the season 4-7-1 in last place, the Seals have completed their unbelievable run to the title. After being down 4-2 at one point in the 3rd period of Game Two they finished their miracle run by outscoring the Hornets 6-2 in the final period to win the game 8-5 and the series 2-0.

Sophomore Sensation Tristan Parent is named President's Trophy Playoff MVP after scoring his second straight game-winning-goal and finishing the series (4GP - 13G, 8A, 21PTS)

The Seals become the first 4th Place Seed in WCHL history to win the Wheelers Cup Championship.

This is the Seals Franchise's 4th Wheeler's Cup, which is most out of any other WCHL team.


#88 - Jason Drapinski - C
#24 - Anthony Nelson - A - 21 Playoff Goals
#66 - Chris Lemieux - A
# 2 - Katie Frayer - Rookie
# 9 - Tryceton Pittman
#40 - Tristan Parent
#48 - Nick Schrade
#99 - Jamie Porter - G - 4-0 - 6.00 Playoff GAA

Posted on May 2nd, 2011

Game one of the Wheelers Cup Finals may go down as one of the more memorable games in WCHL history as it was a great played game by all players.

The game was very close from the beginning. WCHL Sophomore Tristan Parent of the Seals opened 1st Period scoring, but the Hornets' Captain Kevin Konfara quickly responded to tie the game at one. In his first game back from his hospital recovery, Jason Drapinski assisted Anthony Nelson who gave the Seals the 2-1 lead. Hornets' Erinne Williams and Seals' Tryceton Pittman joined Drapinski as players who were returning from recent recoveries, both also played as if they didn't miss any time. Konfara and Nelson would continue to swap goals with Nelson closing out the period for the Seals with back-to-back unassisted goals to give them the 5-3 lead.

The second period saw Konfara and Nelson both score 2 goals each to put the score at 7-5 going into the third period.

The third period featured two more goals, one each for Nelson and Konfara with Hornet's Zeljko Sreckovic scoring two goals mid-period (one was an own-goal by Seals' Chris Lemieux, credited to Sreckovic to tie the game at 7-7).

The "Magic Man" Anthony Nelson then scored to put the Seals back up by one. With under 4:00 minutes remaining Kevin Konfara tied the game at 8-8.

With 2:45 remaining in the third, Seals' Tristan Parent received a pass from Anthony Nelson and top-cornered a right side wrap-around to put the Seals up for good at 9-8.

Goaltending and defense for both teams was top notch.

1st Star - A.NELSON - SEA
2nd Star - K.KONFARA - HOR
3rd Star - T.PARENT - SEA

Game One Stats -

2010-11 Playoff Leaders -
Career Playoff Leaders -

Posted on August 16th, 2010

The WCHL travel team, the Michigan Mustangs won Silver at the 2010 North American PowerHockey Cup this past weekend in Toronto, Ontario.

The Mustangs had a record of 5-1 during the tournament, with their only loss coming in the finals to the Minnesota Saints, 6-4. In previous PowerHockey Cups the Mustangs have never placed higher than 6th place.

During the closing ceremonies the Mustangs came away with three awards (as voted upon by the opposition & referees):

- Best Goalie (Dean Olivas)
- Best Offensive Forward (Kevin Konfara)
- Best Coaching Staff (Steve Nelson, Rich Drapinski & Matt Winowski)

We couldn't be more proud of how far we've come over the past few years.

We are proud to represent Michigan and would like to thank you to all of our players, friends and family who supported us both In Toronto and back home in HockeyTown.

2010 North American PowerHockey Cup Silver Medalists
29 Chris Lemieux (C)
7 Jason Drapinski (A)
25 Marty Witberg (A)
19 Anthony Nelson
20 Zeljko Sreckovic
23 Kevin Konfara
43 Drew Canada
77 Josh Cueter
89 Dean Olivas

5 Steve Nelson
81 Rich Drapinski
87 Matt Winowski

Posted on June 14th, 2010

Paul Yankle Scholarship
The Paul Yankle Scholarship was founded in 2010 to honor the memory of WCHL Alumni, #6 Paul Yankle.

Paul took pride in his education, good sportsmanship and ability to encourage others to be their best, always with a positive attitude.

Paul always tried to lead by example in everything he did and he was an inspiration to his former classmates and teammates.

This scholarship, worth $150, will be awarded annually to one WCHL player enrolling in (this upcoming September), or currently enrolled in, a post-secondary education school. Online classes do count.

To apply, download this Microsoft Word Document, Save it - fill it out & when finished, please re-save it and email the finished document to Chris at

The submission deadline is Sunday August 1st

** If you cannot open the document please email me for details.

Posted on May 23rd, 2010

Hornets - 2009-10 Wheelers Cup Champions
The Hornets defeat the Seals 9-5 in Game Two of the Wheeler's Cup Finals.

Hornets Win the Best-of-Three Series 2-0 to be crowned 2009-10 Champions.

Kevin Konfara is awarded the President's Trophy Playoff MVP.

2009-10 Wheeler's Cup Champion Hornets:

#66 Chris Lemieux - C
#20 Zeljko Sreckovic - A (1st Cup in 12 Seasons)
#45 Kevin Konfara - A
#90 Kenny Haran (1st Cup in 12 Seasons)
#23 Alex Maes
#43 Drew Canada
#48 Nick Schrade
#83 Olivia Werstein
#47 Alec Raymond - G
#86 Joe Mundt

Posted on July 23rd, 2009

The Michigan Mustangs have won the 2009 Carolina PowerHockey Invitational after they defeated the Minnesota Selects 4-3 during the final at the RBC Center in Raleigh, North Carolina, home of the NHL’s Hurricanes.

The 2009 Mustangs became the first PowerHockey team to ever bring home a championship to the state of Michigan.

From July 17-19 the Mustangs competed in the 2009 Carolina PowerHockey Invitational which was a 3-day, round-robin and playoffs versus teams from North Carolina, Philadelphia & Minnesota in the sport of PowerHockey.

After storming back from a two-goal deficit, the Mustangs defeated the top-seeded Minnesota Selects 4-3 in the championship game Sunday at the RBC Center.

This is the Mustangs’ FIRST Tournament Championship since they started competing nationally in 2000.

The Mustangs had previously never finished higher than 6th place in any previous tournaments.

Every player on the team recorded at least one goal during the tournament. Kevin Konfara & rookie Josh Cueter led the team in goals, each netting 11.

The Mustangs finished the tournament with a 5-1 Record, with their only loss coming in the round-robin versus Minnesota.

PowerHockey is the sport of floor hockey, in which the athletes compete in electric wheelchairs and have a wide range of disabilities. Originally started in Canada in the early 1980’s PowerHockey is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. PowerHockey has been in Michigan since 1996 and the Michigan Mustangs have competed in four previous tournaments in Toronto, Minnesota (2) and Calgary since they began traveling in 2000.

The Mustangs are a team of All-Stars from the WCHL. The WCHL was established in 1996 and is a four team, 40 player league of males and females ranging in age from 10 – 60+. It is a non-profit organization that offers a competitive league for people with various disabilities, who couldn’t normally play the sport of hockey.

For more information visit

Posted on June 13th, 2009

The Seals topped off an impressive 15-1-1 season by defeating the Hornets 7-3 in Game 3 of the Wheelers Cup Final.

#24 - Anthony Nelson won the President's Trophy for Playoff MVP.

This is the Seals' first championship in nine years since they won back-to-back titles in 98-99 / 99-00.

This is the Seals' third championship overall and first in the goalie era of WCHL.


#25 - Jason Drapinski (C)
#89 - Dean Olivas (A)
#24 - Anthony Nelson (A)
#34 - Frank Rogers
#10 - Angel Irvin
#12 - Jon Davis
#41 - Mike Frank
#91 - Paul D'Angelo
#21 - Monica Chupko
#17 - Sarah Palk

Posted on April 4th, 2009

Game Results
This week in hockey; the Seals and Hornets both took one game leads in their Best of 3 Series' versus the Cobras and Wolf Pack respectively.

If you still haven't signed up for the picnic please contact Barb Ulewicz -

50/50 Winner
"Stats Chick" Beth Leboswky won $85.00 on this week's 50/50

Special Thanks
To Messer Orthopedics for coming by with their display and for sponsoring and purchasing new WCHL All-Star Jerseys

April Birthdays
3rd - Mary Stack - 35
14th - Derek Spry - 21
22nd - Marty Witberg - 31
23rd - Jason Drapinski - 20
24th - Kevin Konfara - 17

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