by WCHL on May 8th, 2022

The first round concluded in truly one of the greatest comebacks in WCHL history. Down 8-4 heading in to the third period, the Wolf Pack seemed like they were down and out. However, they proved that would not be the case. Lead by captain Tristan Parent they scored 8 unanswered goals in the third securing the improbable.

The Hornets put together a great season and we would like to congratulate them on that!

The Wolf Pack now set their eyes on the finals as they get ready to take on the Seals for the Jason Drapinski Memorial Cup in a battle that should be one for the ages!

by WCHL on May 8th, 2022

Stayin' alive! The Wolf Pack were able to double up on the Hornets in game two to keep their dreams alive. The two teams will face off one last time this season to see who is going to meet the Seals in the finals. Should be a great game this Saturday on May 7th!

by WCHL on April 25th, 2022

The Wolf Pack and Hornets duked it out in the first game of the playoffs. The Hornets controlled much of the pace of the game, but the Wolf Pack made a late push in an attempt to come back. Despite their efforts, the Hornets ultimate came out on top taking game one. These two teams will see each other soon, playing in game two on April 30th. If the Hornets will, they will have marked their path to the Jason Drapinski Memorial Cup Finals. Do or die time for the Wolf Pack!

by WCHL on April 11th, 2022

The Hornets and Wolf Pack played a dynamite game on Saturday. The first period saw a dead lock resulting in a 5 to 5 score. Both Kevin Konfara and Tristan Parent matched each other in terms of their scoring ability, keeping their teams tied.

The second period saw the depth players for the Wolf Pack rise to the occasion. Both Zeljko Sreckovic and Jordan Zmich (subbing for the Wolf Pack) netted goals as they took a lead going in to the third period.

And with that lead in the third they never looked back. Ian Zurawski came up strong despite a big push from the Hornets late in the game, leading his team to victory and officially locking in second place!

The Wolf Pack (seed 2) and Hornets (seed 3) will both lock up again on April 23rd and April 30th as the playoffs get under way. If the series is tied after this game we'll see these two dual it out for a deciding game three on May 7th, and if not, the winner will meet the Seals in the finals.

And that is a wrap on the 2022 regular season!

by WCHL on April 10th, 2022

Congratulations to this years Seals team on achieving the difficult task of being unbeaten all season. There have been several teams that have achieved this feat, but none since 2008-09. This is also the first time in the 8 games per season era that this has happened. The Seals will get a well earned break and await the winner of the first round to battle it out for the Jason Drapinski Memorial Cup.

by WCHL on April 10th, 2022

The Seals and the Hornets faced off for the fourth and final time for the regular season on March 26th. The Seals were seemingly asleep during the 1st period with uncharacteristic play coming from them, almost like they were thinking far too much and not flowing with the game. The Hornets tried there best to take advantage, a special shout out to Tristan Parent who subbed for the absent Kevin Konfara. The first period ended with a score of 1-1. The second and third periods saw the dominate Seals team that everyone is used to seeing come to light. Despite being outshot in first, the Seals woke up, with forward Anthony Theuer scoring 3 Goals in the second and 4 Goals in the third period with the help of his teammates Trei Cools and Jordan Zmich. The Hornets played as best as they could considering they were missing key players from their team. 

The final score was 8 - 4. This brings the Seals record to 7-0-1! 

The Hornets drop to 2-5-0 making the game that takes place on April 9th an important one vs the Wolf Pack for 2nd place!

by WCHL on March 16th, 2022

The 2021-22 WCHL awards ballot is now live! Voting will end on April 16th and 12 PM EST. Be sure to get your votes in. Please only vote ONCE. Players and volunteers votes will be the only ones counted.

by WCHL on March 15th, 2022

The Wolf Pack and The Seals took to the field against each other yesterday night in Week 10 of the WCHLs 2021-22 regular season. Things looked to be fairly competitive with the Wolf Pack seemingly having the Seals on their heels scoring the first goal and even enjoying a brief lead on them during the first period.

However, the second and third period told a different story as the Seals continued their dominate ways by gaining the upper hand and maintaining it the rest of the way. Captain of the Seals Dean Olivas made 23 solid saves and alongside Anthony Theuer (5 goals) and Jordan Zmich (3 goals) the Seals offense was just as good. The final score was 8 - 3. The Seals improve to 6-0-1 and the Wolf Pack drop to 1-5-1.
The WCHL returns in two weeks for week 11, with the Hornets looking put a stop to the Seals. The Seals play their final game of the regular season giving the Hornets one more chance to play spoiler and end their reign of domination.

Can the Hornets put an end to the Seals undefeated streak or will the Seals go into the playoffs undefeated looking like one of the most dominate teams the WCHL has seen in years? Find out on 03/26/2022 @ 6 pm!

by WCHL on March 10th, 2022



The Seals have been in a tough spot all year with defensive attendance, but one star has shined bright through that and it's Andrew Calvin. Missing their normal forward lineup Calvin was asked to play offense, but in a different style. Calvin basically operated as a second d-man from the center ice line shutting down near every break. A strong contender for Dave Rosen Best Defensive Player of the year, Calvin has earned this one.


Although they were missing the GOAT himself Kevin Konfara and former Anthony Nelson Regular Season MVP Clay Martin, the Hornets showed no signs of slowing down. The Hornets got their first victory of 2022 with a strong showcase game by Jeff Fleshner. Fleshner put up 5 goals and 1 assist and is currently in the top 4 for both goals and points, and tied for first in assists.

by WCHL on March 9th, 2022

The Wolf Pack and the Hornets battled it out for the third time this season this past Saturday. The Hornets were missing star forwards Kevin Konfara and Clay Martin so Anthony Theuer and Dean Olivas of the Seals subbed in place of them to give the Hornets a fighting chance. It was a tight game the first two periods with the 1st period ending with a score of 3 - 3 and the 2nd period ending with a score of 5 - 5.

However, the Hornets turned it on in the third period and did not look back scoring 7 goals. Along with the help of some impressive goal tending by Ezra Zabawa making 50 saves and solid defense from Hornets captain Katie Frayer and Ron Woodring. The Hornets managed to get their second victory of the season making their record 2 - 4 - 0. The Wolf Pack drops to 1 - 4 - 1.

Our next match up for Week 10 will be the Seals returning to the field taking on the Wolf Pack once again on March 12th!