Referees Wanted!
by WCHL on October 11th, 2021

Our league includes 12 regular season games along with two rounds of playoffs. The season & playoffs run from October - May. Games are played on Saturday's from 6-8pm at Big Boy Arena.
  • Hockey Knowledge: The WCHL is played very similar to regular ice-hockey rules. Basic hockey knowledge is a requirement. Applicants will also be required to read our rulebook.

  • Finesse & Agility: Referees will be required to keep up with game action up-and-down the gym court for up to 1.5 hours. Referees will also have to be quick on their feet and have the agility to move out the way of oncoming wheelchairs (some chairs go 9 mph+)

  • Unbiased & Fair: Referees must have the ability to be fair, unbiased and have the ability to call the game by the rules regardless of personal relationships or prior opinions.
Katie Frayer -

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