Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

How is wheelchair hockey different from conventional hockey?

While wheelchair hockey is very similar in rules and form when compared to conventional hockey there are some differences. For instance, a hollow plastic whiffle ball is used instead of a puck and plastic or composite hockey sticks are used instead of wooden sticks. There are reason for these changes is that a great deal of electric wheelchair users have reduced upper body strength and would not be able to move their equipment and the ball without immense difficulty.

If a player is unable to hold their stick they may attach it to their wheelchair with some adaptations so that they may be able to participate in the game.  Specialized brackets for stick positioning attached to a power wheelchair coupled with adaptations to the blade of the stick (i.e. V-sticks, plastic dowel through conventional blade, etc.) can make it possible for a player who is unable to hold a hockey stick to participate effectively in the game of PowerHockey. In addition to these changes there are different penalties based around driving an electric wheelchair and other unique safety issues. For the full rules used by the WCHL, check out our rules section.

Who plays wheelchair hockey?

Also referred to as PowerHockey, the majority of players in the sport are people who use electric wheelchairs as their primary means of mobility. However, there are some players who may use a manual wheelchair regularly or have some significant reliance on adaptive equipment for their daily mobility. 

The guidelines surrounding player eligibility vary greatly from league to league.  Since PowerHockey is currently being played in one form or another in seventeen (17) countries around the world in Australasia, Europe and North America the differences in the game can range from subtle to extreme due to the fact that the sport has been developed, for the most part, independently from other groups.

Can I play PowerHockey?

The best way to find out is to contact us for more information.  Players must be at least 10 years old. We have no age limit. Wheelchair hockey is a game that even those with "profound" physical disabilities have been able to play and even excel at.  It is not uncommon for players who attach their sticks to their wheelchairs to become very high calibre players even by international standards.

When and where do you play your games?

For our full schedule, Click Here

When is registration and how much does it cost to play?

Our season registration takes place in September. 

Player dues are $150 per season.

Is wheelchair hockey a serious game?

The game of wheelchair hockey can be quite serious and it can be as intense as any other hockey game you can see. The game can vary in intensity from a friendly pickup game all the way to the intensity of international competition.  It all depends on the circumstances and the players involved.

There is already sled hockey in the Paralympic Games. Is Wheelchair Hockey really necessary?

The sport of sled hockey requires average to above average upper body strength and coordination to play.  However, the great majority of our players do not possess either the strength or the coordination necessary to take part in it due to their disabilities.  There are currently no team sports offered by the Paralympic Committee specifically for power wheelchair users. Wheelchair hockey allows people who would otherwise not be able to take part in other sports the opportunity to compete and be part of a team.