WCHL Looking for Referees

The Wheelchair Hockey League (WCHL) is looking for able-bodied individuals (male or female) who would be interested in becoming a REFEREE.

The WCHL is a competitve floor-hockey league for people in power and manual wheelchairs.

Our league includes 12 regular season games along with two rounds of playoffs.

Our season & playoffs run from October - May. 

Our games are played on Sunday's from 1-4pm (two games each week)​ at the Canfield Alkali Arena

    * Hockey Knowledge: The WCHL is played very similar to regular ice-hockey rules. Basic hockey knowledge is a requirement. Applicants will also be required to read our 13 Page Rule Book - http://thewchl.com/rulebook.htm

    * Finess & Agility: Referees will be required to keep up with game action up-and-down the gym court for up to 3 hours. Referees will also have to be quick on their feet and have the agility to move out the way of oncoming wheelchairs (some chairs go 9 mph+)

    * Unbiased & Fair: Referees must have the ability to be fair, unbiased and have the ability to call the game by the rules regardless of personal relationships or prior opinions.

Dean Olivas - dean@thewchl.com 
Cell / Text - ​734-560-3890

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