2021-22 Week Nine Recap

The Wolf Pack and the Hornets battled it out for the third time this season this past Saturday. The Hornets were missing star forwards Kevin Konfara and Clay Martin so Anthony Theuer and Dean Olivas of the Seals subbed in place of them to give the Hornets a fighting chance. It was a tight game the first two periods with the 1st period ending with a score of 3 - 3 and the 2nd period ending with a score of 5 - 5.

However, the Hornets turned it on in the third period and did not look back scoring 7 goals. Along with the help of some impressive goal tending by Ezra Zabawa making 50 saves and solid defense from Hornets captain Katie Frayer and Ron Woodring. The Hornets managed to get their second victory of the season making their record 2 - 4 - 0. The Wolf Pack drops to 1 - 4 - 1.

Our next match up for Week 10 will be the Seals returning to the field taking on the Wolf Pack once again on March 12th!

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