2021-22 Week Eleven Recap

The Seals and the Hornets faced off for the fourth and final time for the regular season on March 26th. The Seals were seemingly asleep during the 1st period with uncharacteristic play coming from them, almost like they were thinking far too much and not flowing with the game. The Hornets tried there best to take advantage, a special shout out to Tristan Parent who subbed for the absent Kevin Konfara. The first period ended with a score of 1-1. The second and third periods saw the dominate Seals team that everyone is used to seeing come to light. Despite being outshot in first, the Seals woke up, with forward Anthony Theuer scoring 3 Goals in the second and 4 Goals in the third period with the help of his teammates Trei Cools and Jordan Zmich. The Hornets played as best as they could considering they were missing key players from their team. 

The final score was 8 - 4. This brings the Seals record to 7-0-1! 

The Hornets drop to 2-5-0 making the game that takes place on April 9th an important one vs the Wolf Pack for 2nd place!

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