New WCHL Teams!


For over 20 years The WCHL has existed under the banner of 5 different teams. The Cobras, Hornets, Outlaws, Seals and Wolf Pack. Each team winning championships and bringing important memories to the legacy of our game. We have decided for this upcoming season it's time to let them rest.

A new era of wheelchair hockey is about to unfold. And three new teams will take the stage! The first team we'd like to introduce you to is the Thunderbirds! Named after the iconic car, the Thunderbirds are sure to bring a jolt of excitement to the future of The WCHL. The second team will be revealed later this month, and there's a great story to that one, as well.

So that leaves one more team. What's the third team’s name? We're excited to announce that it is up for the players and volunteers to decide! Over the next two weeks we will field one team name suggestion per player/volunteer. Once complete, the voting process will begin. We ask that you only suggest and vote if you are a PLAYER or VOLUNTEER. We want the core community to decide and have their stake on this important decision.
We hope you are as excited as we are!

To suggest a team name, fill out the form below. Again, only ONE entry per player/volunteer. Avoid using any city names/descriptors such as the "Detroit Seals" or "Motown Hornets". Needless to say, any inappropriate team names will be automatically removed and will not be up for consideration.

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