2022-23 Week One Results

This past Saturday the WCHL returned for the start of its 27th season with a fantastic match up involving the Seals and the Wolf Pack. Both teams have very different rosters compared to last season and the differences in each team showed tremendously. It was an incredibly competitive back and forth game with top stars #40 Tristan Parent and #39 Anthony Theuer going score for score in the beginning 1st period. In the 2nd period it was more of the same with the top star forwards duking it out, however, each teams’ secondary players began to become more and more of a factor. Newly acquired Seals forward #55 Jeff Fleshner scored 2 goals and 2 assists, alongside stellar defensive play by the returning #88 Terrance Beebe and #5 Andrew Calvin.

While for the Wolf Pack #94 Trei Cools netted 1 goal and 2 assists as well. Also #69 Alex Ernsberger scored a goal as well for the Wolf Pack. The deciding factor came down to very meticulous, calculated play, with goalies for both teams (#26 Ezra Zabawa, Seals) (#7 Ian Zurawski, Wolf Pack) making incredible saves for their respective teams.
Towards the end of the 3rd period the Wolf Pack managed to capitalized on the Seals mistakes gaining themselves a comfortable 2 goal lead. Ultimately, despite a late rally attempt by the Seals to tie the game up the Wolf Packs composed defensive play led them to a 10-9 victory.

The WCHL returns on November 5th with the Seals taking to the floor once more this time against the Hornets! Come check out all the action as this season promises to be an extremely competitive one!

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