2023-24 Week Three Results

In an impressive hockey game, the 0-1 Thunderbirds clashed with the 0-0-1 Chargers in a fiercely competitive battle. The game featured a flurry of goals from both sides, with the first period ending in a 3-3 tie. The Thunderbirds' Tristan Parent took center stage, securing a remarkable hat-trick with support from Marty Witberg, who contributed two assists. Mary Stack also made a triumphant return to the game, marking her comeback season with an assist. Meanwhile, on the Chargers' side, substitute forward Anthony Theuer demonstrated his scoring prowess, netting three unassisted goals.

The second period saw both teams refusing to back down, with Marty Witberg and Tristan Parent adding to the Thunderbirds' tally, while Anthony Theuer continued to shine, scoring two more goals for the Chargers. The period ended in another tie, setting the stage for an intense final period.

In the third and decisive period, the Thunderbirds pushed hard, firing off 17 shots on goal, but substitute goalie Dean Olivas held strong for the Chargers, blocking every attempt. In the late stages of the game, the Chargers managed to break the tie, with Anthony Nowak scoring the game-winning goal and Anthony Theuer adding another, securing a 7-5 victory for the Chargers.

The next game on November 4th sees the Knights and Chargers square off. Each team is 1-0-1 on the young season and looks to make their mark for first place. #ANewEra

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