Play For Free!

We're very excited to offer an amazing opportunity for new players! If you have ever been interested in trying hockey, but were hesitant, new players can now play up to two regular season games for FREE.

This trial period will give you the chance to see how fun hockey can be! There are only 6 weeks left to take advantage of this trial period this season! Those dates are January 29th, February 5th and 26th, March 12th and 26th, and April 9th. You will need to reserve a spot 24 hours before game, so you can be placed on a team. New players will get the chance to compete as if they were a fully registered player. Paperwork will be required prior to participation!

This is your chance, try out wheelchair hockey today and get hooked! If you decide to pursue this opportunity or want more details, please contact Dean Olivas at

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