2022-23 WCHL All-Star Game

I's all-star game time! Oh and guess what? We have some really excited news once the game wraps up. Keep your eyes peeled around 530pm :)

We will play a traditional game with a twist of 3 on 3. In addition we’ll have a skills competition after each period. See below for the order of events and updated rosters!

Some additional info, please wear a t-shirt the color of the team you are on. We have our traditional all-star jerseys, but just in case there is not enough.

Players MUST switch after scoring. A player may also only be allowed to do one skills competition, excluding the full team shootout.


1 on 1 breakaway drill- 3 rounds, - winning team awarded 1 point for their team

1st period - 10 minutes

Full court shot - 3 players, 3 shots each player - winning team awarded 1 point for their team

2nd period - 10 minutes

Hardest shot (referee judged)- 3 player, 1 shot each, winner awarded one point for their team

3 period - 10 minutes

Full team shootout - each goal counts!

Team Red:

Trei Cools (co-captain)

Alex Ernsberger

Kevin Konfara

Jordan Zmich

Jeff Fleshner

Marty Witberg

Jesse Lindlbauer

Drew Canada

Ezra Zabawa

Katie Frayer

Tim DeLore

Terrance Beebe

Ian Zurawski (co-captain)

Team Blue:

Anthony Theuer (co-captain)

Clay Martin

Zeljko Sreckovic

Jonathan Bowie

Tristan Parent

Anthony Nowak

Andrew Calvin (co-captain)

Shayn Greer-Abbott

Kevin Richter

Kenny Haran

Ron Woodring

Josh Cueter

Dean Olivas

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