2023-24 Week Two Results

In a thrilling matchup, the Thunderbirds faced off against the Knights in a battle for their first victory of the new era. The first period witnessed a flurry of goals as Tristan Parent and Marty Witberg found the back of the net for the Thunderbirds, while Trei Cools responded with a goal for the Knights. The period ended with the Thunderbirds holding a 2-1 lead, setting the stage for an intense clash.

The action continued to heat up in the second period, as Anthony Theuer notched two crucial goals for the Knights, bringing them back into contention. Trei Cools added another goal for the Knights, but Tristan Parent responded in kind, netting two more goals for the Thunderbirds. As the dust settled, the period concluded with the score deadlocked at 4-4, leaving fans on the edge of their seats.

The final period proved to be a nail-biter, with both teams striving to break the tie. The tension was palpable until Jonathan Bowie emerged as the hero, scoring the game-winning goal just three minutes into the period. His remarkable performance earned him the first star of the game, securing a long-awaited victory for the Knights in this exciting and hard-fought match. The Knights become the first team to earn a victory this season and the first victory for all new teams.

Hockey takes a break next week, but resumes on October 28th when the Thunderbirds take on the Chargers as each team seeks their first victory of #ANewEra.

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