2022 - 2024 WCHL Board Winners

Our WCHL board for the next two years is set! We have big plans for the league going forward and this all starts at the top. Our plan for the next two years is to both grow our sport and retain the community aspect we had in our early years. we feel with our new team in place we will have a great opportunity to achieve this goal.

On behalf of The WCHL we want to thank ALL of our candidates for running and showing interest in the future of the league. Even if you did not win we want you to know we plan to keep you involved in future plans for the league!

And finally a big congratulations to all of our new and returning members to The WCHL board!

Dean Olivas, Jr.

Deputy Commissioner:
Katie Frayer

Director of Marketing:
Anthony Theuer

Director of Player Personnel:
Tristan Parent

Events Committee Leader:
Ashley Breon

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