2023-24 Week Four Results

In an electrifying wheelchair hockey game, the Knights and Chargers clashed in a battle for early-season supremacy. The first period saw the Knights race out to an early lead, courtesy of goals from Jeff Fleshner and Anthony Theuer. The Chargers, however, clawed their way back into the game, as Kevin Konfara found the back of the net with under 10 minutes left, narrowing the score to 2-1.

The second period unfolded as a different narrative, with the Knights finding themselves in penalty trouble. Trei Cools and Anthony Theuer served time in the penalty box, giving the Chargers the opportunity to dictate the pace of the game. Even when the Chargers incurred a penalty on Zeljko Sreckovic, they maintained their dominance, operating at full strength with Kevin Konfara leading the charge. The Chargers managed to net goals from both Zeljko Sreckovic and Kevin Konfara in the second period, while the Knights remained scoreless.
The third period saw the Chargers pull away decisively, with Kevin Konfara lighting up the scoreboard with two quick goals in the opening five minutes. The Knights, not willing to surrender, managed to pull one back through Anthony Theuer. However, they struggled to find the net again until there were just four minutes left on the clock. Jeff Fleshner came to the rescue with a powerplay goal while Kevin Konfara was in the penalty box, giving the Knights a glimmer of hope.

Ultimately, it was the Chargers who triumphed, securing a 5-4 victory that catapulted them to first place early in the season. The game showcased key saves from the Knights' outstanding goalie and first star of the game, Dean Olivas, and crucial blocks from the Knights' rookie defenseman, Katie Feirer, who kept their team in the contest throughout.
As the Knights and Chargers prepare for their next showdown, fans can eagerly anticipate another thrilling clash between these two formidable teams, promising yet another instant classic in the world of wheelchair hockey.

This game featured a total of 12 penalty minutes, so teams will certainly need to be more careful going forward. The next game will be on November 18th when the Thunderbirds are sure to come out hot looking for their first victory vs the undefeated Chargers. #ANewEra

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