2016-17 Week Four Recap

The first game was an absolute classic. The Wolf Pack (1-2) took on the Seals (2-1) in a rematch of the first game of the season. The Seals controlled the pace early on with strong efforts from forward Tristan Parent and goalie Brendan Nienhaus. However, like their last game, the Wolf Pack never gave up. With 9 seconds to go in the third period, Wolf Pack forward Anthony Theuer sniped a shot top corner to take the lead. The Wolf Pack would add another goal from rookie forward Piotr Pasik with just one second remaining. The Wolf Pack are building a bit of a reputation for late game heroics. Perhaps the Come Back Pack? The Seals now sit at 2-2, along with the Wolf Pack who are also now 2-2.
Top players Clay Martin and Kevin Konfara squared off in the second game between the Cobras (1-2) and Hornets (2-1). As per usual between the two teams, the game was close, but an absolute shootout. Between the two teams there were a total of 29 goals, 11 of which occurred in the third period. Konfara got the better end of Martin's Cobras scoring a massive 12 goal in the contest. The Hornets now sit alone in first place at 3-1, meanwhile the Cobras fall to the bottom of the barrel at 1-3.

All four teams are incredibly tight,there's no telling how the standings could flip going forward. The Seals are currently struggling to find goal scoring from anyone but Tristan Parent. The Wolf Pack are beginning to heat up winning two in a row. The Hornets look as good as ever so long as Kevin Konfara is there. And the Cobras have lost two tough ones in a row. Join us at the next game on December 4th at Canfield Arena in Dearborn. The Hornets (3-1) take on the Wolf Pack (2-2), and the Seals (2-2) take on the Cobras (1-3).

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